Monday, July 23, 2012

Breaking IDOL NEWS: Mariah Carey is The NEW Judge on IDOL

So I reported over the weekend that they were very close in signing Songstress Diva Mariah Carey as the new judge on American Idol panel and today Idol Executives made it official.

42  year old, Multiple Grammy award winner will be joining season 12 of Idol. She is expected to be paid between $12-$17M, the amount wasn't released but I am surely we all will know later to come.

Idol is still looking for one more person to round the panel off and Rumors are that they are trying to get Former Idol contestant and Flamboyant Pop Singer Adam Lambert.

I am so Happy that Mimi will be on our TVs soon giving us all that we love her for...

Are you happy that she is joining IDOL or not? Please comment below


  1. I think Mariah is an idol and I think the show might get more viewers because of that! 12 to 17Mil that's what I'm talking bout Mariah!!!