Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reality Tv News: Braxton Family Values Girls New Promo Pics & Sneak Peak of Season 2.5

I am so excited that the "Braxtons" are back. They recently release the promotional pictures for there new season on WeTv.
 They are calling this Season 2.5 because we will only be getting 6 episodes. I cant wait to see all of my girls back on Tv and see the drama, sister hood and laughter they bring weekly to my Tv.

They will be back on Thursday nights for BFV Thursdays starting on August 16th  @ 9p. I know I will be watching, will you?

Check out the Photos and Comment below:
The Diva Toni

The Confident Towanda

The Sassy Traci
The Pop Girl Trina

The Funny & Vince

Watch This Sneak Peek & Comment


  1. Toni looks like a half gorilla half humanite droid with that mess on her arm... and then this pose? B-Y-E.