Thursday, August 16, 2012

Divorce News: Evelyn Lozada Files after 41Days+ 911 call

If we think the story was crazy enough, I have heard the 911 call and it had me in aww. The next door neighbor was the one who called the police on her behalf. The
neighbor explain to the 911 operator about Chad status and to keep it on the low.
Evelyn has filed for divorce and has beaten Kim Kardashian for being married only 41 days. Below are the papers filed in the FL courts.

Chad has issue an apology to Evelyn and his fan, not sure how others will look at this, weather as a small or huge issue. Everyone has there version about there relationship and there thoughts about them. Once you are a celebrity you are always in the spotlight and these two lived for the light.

Sorry to hear what happened, I DO Not encourage violence in whatever kind at all.

Document of Evelyn Filings

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