Monday, October 29, 2012

Reality News: Who Are Fired From BasketBall Wives LA?

So recently, us the viewers have been expressing our dissatisfaction with the new season of "BasketBall Wives La" and the ratings have proven such. Social media has been the voice of the fans of the show and
executive producer Shaunie O'neal have been told of our riff with the show, how boring the cast is etc. and reply what about a cast shake up.

Just yesterday TMZ reported that Four of the Six Ladies will not be returning. VH1 producers have cut Gloria, Laura, Brooke and Malaysia so just Jackie and Draya will be the only 2 returning. I don't know who will be cast along side these remaining two but they have already been looking. 

Did you all know that Gloria fled to Las Vegas and got hitch to Matt Barnes? Well this is what has add fuel to the fire because they didn't tell the producers or allowed the cameras to follow them on this journey. 

Oh well I am sure they be Okay and go back to what they were doing before, which was probable nothing... LOL I am just saying

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