Monday, November 5, 2012

Reality Tv: Congrats RHOA on Highest Premier Ratings

Yesss I'm sure the Bravo's Executives are smiling from ear to ear today when they got the stats on last night premier
of the ATL housewives franchise because if they aren't they are fools.
So last night the season 5 premier and all types of drama and messiness occur from crazy Kenya acting up already to Greg wanting Nene back to Kim hating on Kandi's new dream house to her ass having no where to live.

Obviously I wasn't the only one watching because it raked in 3.2 Million Viewers and was the highest premier in all demographics. 

RHOA airs on Bravo Tv @9p Sundays

Go RHOA !!!! Watch My RECAP NOWWWW!!

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