Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Really Omarosa Trying to Sue LaToya Jackson for Defamation?

So If you guys were watching NBC on Sunday you will all know where this is coming from.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice is bringing the drama both on and off the screen! So much so that legal proceedings are set to take place between two of the show’s cast.
The latest season has seen reality staples Omarosa Manigault and LaToya Jackson at legitimate loggerheads; sparring which
came to a head during last night’s episode.
After initially clashing during their weekly task, LaToya laid into Manigault after being “fired” by Donald Trump, saying:
“Omarosa is evil. She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke … and I thought Mr. Trump was falling for that fake cry. Such a lie!” 
 56-year-old LaToya was, of course, referring to Omarosa’s actor fiance who passed away last year.
Not taking the comments lying down, Manigault has revealed to Radar Online that she is set to sue Jackson for the “false, vicious and defamatory” comments. Her attorney released a statement saying:
“LaToya Jackson’s statement on the March 17, 2013 episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, that the Reverend Omarosa Manigault caused her fiancĂ© Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory.
Rev. Manigault has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancĂ© suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Manigault’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.

Ms. Jackson made the statement immediately after having been “fired” off the show, and blames Rev. Manigault for her loss. It is repulsive and of the lowest level of class for Ms. Jackson, who showed herself to be a “sore loser” in making these disgusting statements in the wake of Rev. Manigault’s tragic loss.
As her counsel, we have been directed to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law with LaToya Jackson and any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”
While LaToya’s comments are an ultimate no-no, some could argue that Omarosa set herself up for such critique by mentioning Duncan at every junction. It goes without saying that, placing something in the public domain often leaves it open for the most scrutiny – and scrutinised it has been. And not just by LaToya either.

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