Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st OFFICIAL STATEMENT from Will Williams About Cancelling Inferno Dominican Republic 2013

Here it is, just moments ago the Man of the Moment Will Williams gave an official statement via the Facebook Page of Inferno DR Men.

Read it all here:

Status Update
By Inferno Dominican Republic Men
To friends and patrons of Inferno Dominican Republic:

While I appreciate everyone that has spoken on my behalf, I feel that every patron that has supported Inferno Dominican Republic deserves to hear from me. I am sincerely apologetic for what has occurred. No words can express the pain that I feel as a result of the postponement of the event this weekend. Inferno DR is the first and longest running event of the Inferno franchise and my personal favorite. Please know that I would never do anything to intentionally destroy it or tarnish the Inferno brand.

This outcome has been devastating to me personally and was certainly nothing that I foresaw coming. Until the final moments, I believed whole-heartedly that the payment discrepancies between Inferno Dominican Republic and the Melia Caribe Tropical would be resolved in a manner to not effect the event or the patrons. I looked forward to executing the largest Inferno DR event ever and even coordinating our first ever marriage proposal.

Rather than point the finger, I take FULL accountability for what occurred and for resolving it. Please know that I care about every patron and shall proceed to do everything that I can to rectify the situation. In the coming days, representatives of Inferno Dominican Republic, LLC shall be contacting every patron of the event in order to resolve their accounts.

When Inferno DR began I was told that "this" market could not afford this type of event and no five star hotel would allow it to take place on its premises. However because of "this" market, Inferno not only exists in Dominican Republic, but now in Canada and for three years now also in Puerto Rico as well. That it has been so successful for so many years, I am both humbled and grateful.

I attribute the success of Inferno DR to the support of its patrons and promotional partners such as Zekeera Belton of A2Zee Entertainment and Lonnell Williams of 3LWTV. Like the patrons that come every year for Inferno DR, A2Zee Entertainment and 3LWTV are merely a part of the Inferno family and have no financial interest in its success. It is because of this sense of family that I will do everything in my power to rebuild trust in Inferno DR and again I am sincerely sorry for this unfortunate situation.


Will Williams
Inferno Dominican Republic, LLC

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  1. So...folks waited all day, lost money, were stranded, humiliated, paid more money...hell, some even defended you...and all you can say is you are sorry and you are proud of your brand? This is laughable! Still no transparency nor explanation. Now, patrons must wait on a call? REALLY?! They've been calling YOU all day, you could have handled it then. Or maybe while you were eating ten miles of Oprah's shit, you could have said something. Further, no one paid a dime to B. Scott so being grand and releasing a quasi statement to a media outlet before you addressed your "patrons" just goes to show your lack of regard. May God have mercy on your meditating soul