Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Chateau Sheree Whitfield Going in Foreclosure ?

So according to the Doll Funky Dineva she is reporting that word is out there Chateau Sheree is going to short sale.

Here the details:
A real estate agent source has revealed that Chateau Sheree is available for immediate short sale for $340k. Additionally, they divulged that there are two loans on the property and that the home will most likely be sold for something in the low to mid 300’s.

Oh Lawd Pray this aint so because she may need a bail out or just let this property go and do something more small scale but we all know she over the top and grand so that may not be an option. i wonder if any of her former cast mates over RHOA will help a diva out... lol

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  1. Lmao... well I guess she can't ask "who gonna check me boo?" Cuz the bank sure did with that good ole FORECLOSURE