Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OH NO .. BasketBall Wives Season 5 Reunion SHUT DOWN !!

According to
There will be no Basketball Wives Reunion this year, I was laughing when I read this because I kind of sense this after season 5 end on Monday night when normally they would have shown you previews of the Reunion and there was none.

This is what was reported:

Don't count on seeing a new "Basketball Wives" reunion show any time soon ... the Season 5 reunion special has been canceled because Evelyn Lozada pulled out.

The show was supposed to tape earlier this month -- but sources close to production tell us, Evelyn bailed, forcing producers to pull the plug on the entire thing. We're told the taping will not be rescheduled.

According to sources, Evelyn jumped ship because she's sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson. We're told she knew the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show, so she refused to participate.

Apparently, the other 'Wives' (specifically Tami, Tasha, and Suzie) have zilch to talk about -- we're told producers felt the girls didn't have enough material for the hour-long episode sans Ev.

Sources tell us, Evelyn has grown tired of the cattiness on 'BW' and wants to move on with her life.

OH Well So much for that,,,, Hope they Cancel this francise too and move on to the Next Sorryyyy !!

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