Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[VIDEO] Drama We Want & It Is "ATLANTA Housewives" New Trailer is EVERYTHING !!

Yez Gawd They say the ATL Franchise of Housewives is Full Of All Color girls and so is the drama this season. I cant get enough of this new sneak peek of RHOA.

The drama is intense from Porsha Stewart now living it up and partying, Phaedra and Apollo with new baby along with Kenya name being called in the mix from Anguilla trip about oral sex scandal, Head Honcho Nene Leakes is setting the girls straight especially Kenya and trying to get re situated as she comes to term with her sitcom being cancel (The New Normal), Kandi's mom says Todd is cheating with Kandi's bestie and that unfolds including the prenup drama, Cynthia and Peter having issues again with another Business ( yes BarOne) and Kenya Moore eviction and more unfolds also with the Police involve.

To top it off a fight breaks out where Nene is checking Kenya, Peter and Apollo is up in Kenya Assistance face, Kandi snapping and the Police are call to what seem like it was Nene's Pajama party.

Watch the Clip and Sound off  After .. RHOA returns 11/3


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    1. I can"t wait either. I sure would like to know who is Kandi trying to fight.