Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1st Lady Michelle On The Holiday Cover Of Ladies Home Journal

In the article, Michelle talks about everything from the White House traditions (hot chocolate and a fire in the Yellow Oval room are savored traditions) to her own childhood traditions, as Michelle revealed who the baker in the family is (hint: It’s not Bo). 

 Here are some excerpt from the issue:

On who makes all the holiday treats:
‘Sasha is our big cookie maker,’ Mrs. Obama said. ‘It’s one of the major activities the girls do when they have friends over.’

On her Christmas traditions growing up: 
‘Christmas has always been a special time in my household,’ she said. ‘Growing up, we lived in a little-bitty apartment, but my mom put her heart and soul into decorating that house.’

Another special tradition from the First Lady’s childhood is collecting small presents upon the completion of a festive performance: 
‘I’ve hula-hooped, done a dog trick with Bo and read poems,’ she confessed. ‘The kids will sing or put on plays. The President and some of the other dads will get together and do a song.’

As for what’s on Malia and Sasha’s Christmas wish lists, Mrs. Obama said ‘they usually don’t have much on their lists, because they understand that anything they need they already have:’ 
‘The kids are not in the habit of viewing Christmas as a time for getting gifts. It’s about spending time with family and gathering with friends.’

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