Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh Sh*t: Frank Ocean Isnt Here For Chipotle Lawsuit, See Pic of Returned Advance Payment

It was reported last week that the fast-food chain is suing Ocean after he backed out of a deal to record a song for its ad campaign.
The company paid him $212,500 up front to record “Pure Imagination” for use in an ad campaign, but Frank Ocean didn’t like the fact that Chipotle put their logo at the end of the ad so he pulled out at the last minute.
Chipotle then filed suit asking for their advance back in addition to other fees associated with the failed project.
Today, Frank reimbursed Chipotle for their advance and posted a photo of the cashier’s check to his Tumblr with the memo reading, “Fuck Off”

Oh he snap, don't play with Frank lol

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