Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Did Your Favorite Atlanta Housewive Get Axed or Staying

according to 
......just got word - that there is about to be a BLOODBATH among the cast of the Atlanta Housewives - with 3 HOUSEWIVES GETTING THE AXE!!! This is not RUMOR either guys . . . this is FACTS!!!

According to our Bravo snitch, the producers are looking to "shake up" the cast. While they were generally HAPPY with the ratings this year . . . the producers feel that they want "real drama" among the Housewives, and not manufactured storylines. So they're looking to bring in NEW WOMEN - who have REAL LIFE DRAMA in their lives.

So who is staying - NeNe, Phaedra, and Kandi. The producers feel that NeNe is the FOUNDATION of the show, and they are NOT letting her go. The second most popular cast member is Kandi - she just rubs everyone the right way - and she's genuinely LIKED by everyone. Phaedra is a lock too - given the LEGAL ISSUES that her family is going to be facing in coming months.

So who is OUT - Cynthia and Porsha are OUT. According to our insider, contracts went out early this week, and neither Cynthia NOR Porsha got one. Also OUT is Marlo. The reunion "fight" really got those WHITE FOLKS OVER THERE SHOOK. One insider told that any person that they believe has "the propensity for violence" is out.

Now what about Kenya? Well she's IN. According to a TOP SNITCH, Kenya received her contract this week.

So the CONTRACT HOLDING housewives are NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra, and Kenya . . . and the ones getting the AXE are Cynthia and Porsha and sorta housewife MARLO/

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