Friday, April 18, 2014

SAY What: LHHATL Mimi & Nikko Sex Tape Set To Make More than $100k..

Chile I just saw this and had to share.
Mimi ain't no fool after all lol...Read more

According to
...... word that MiMi and Nikko are flying out to LOS ANGELES as we speak - to FINALIZE THEIR DEAL with Vivid Video.

According to our snitch who is EXTREEEEEEE-EMELY CLOSE to Mimi, the pair have yet to SIGN THE FINAL DEAL with the pron company.

The insider explained, "Vivid wanted to give them $100K, but they held out. [MiMi knew] how big the tape was, so she waited until all the buzz about it came out, and then she made the deal with Vivid."

So what is the deal for MiMi. You may need to SIT DOWN before you read this. confirmed that MiMi will receive a GUARANTEED $5 MILLION from the sale of the tape. And we're told if the tape sells more than a MILLION COPIES (which it is expected to), she will get 50% of the sales on any copy sold after the million.

According to our tipster, the deal could be worth as much as $10 MILLION.

OMG. ...I guess free Shower Rods for everyone courtesy of Mimi & Nikko.  Lol

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