Tuesday, April 15, 2014

See What Ish Flavor Flav Pleads Guilty to Now!

Flavor Flav will be heading to school for domestic violence prevention classes after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges in Las Vegas Monday. 

He was accused of getting into a physical confrontation with his fiancée and her 17-year-old son, as well as threatening the boy while chasing him around the home with two kitchen knives. 

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Flav -- born William Drayton Jr. -- accepted a plea deal that knocked the original felony charges down to misdemeanor charges of attempted battery and battery constituting domestic violence.  Under the agreement, Flav will be on probation for the next year and will have to complete a dozen domestic violence prevention classes.  Had he been found guilty of the original charges, he could have faced up to 12-years in prison. 

Flavor Flav will return to a Las Vegas court on August 18th for a follow-up hearing.

SMH. .. He stay in the courts....

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  1. He is such a HAM!