Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shaunie O'Neal Speaks Up About #BbwLa Season Finale, But Really Shaunie?

We all who Shaunie Oneal is but now she is speaking out after the airing of the season Finally of Basketball Wives LA.
I am just shocked she is speaking up now because as an Executive producer shouldn't she have alot of say about what is aired or not.

Im sure she didn't think about that for ratings sake until now. .. Oh please.

Read her tweet here:


For the record, as the executive producer of Basketball Wives, I do not condone the extremely mean behavior that took place on tonights episode . The complete disregard and disrespect shown toward people suffering from cancer has made me sick to my stomach and I am extremely upset and disappointed at what I have seen. The five minutes of fame isn't worth it. My heart goes out to @brandimaxwell and the countless cancer patients and survivors who witnessed this reckless behavior.

My Thoughts on this Tweet


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