Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is Former RBDivas ATL Star Nicci Gilbert Suing TvOne over New Divas Franchise ?

We all know that Nicci & Faith Evans were the brains behind doing the show so Nicci lawsuit isn't surprising to me.
The concept is different and the ladies of Hollywood Divas are actresses,  business women etc so I don't know if Nicci's suing will have any merit once the judge hears her side.
This should be interesting. .....
Read more:

In a recent lawsuit filed in Fulton County in Georgia, Nichole (Nicci) L. Gilbert and NOEGO Entertainment, LLC are suing ThinkFactory Media, Inc and TVOne LLC over the Divas franchise.
Nicci, who starred in and Executive Produced the first 2 seasons of "R&B Divas" in Atlanta, claims she and former co-star/Executive Producer Faith Evans are being left out of the new TVOne spinoff "Hollywood Divas", airing on TvOne soon.  And she's not having it!

Interestingly, neither Nicci or Faith returned for season 3, which is currently airing.  But now that "Hollywood Divas" has been announced, Nicci is PISSED.
The former Brownstone singer is filing on 15 counts (yes, 15!), including breach of contract, defamation, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, emotional distress, breach of contract and plenty more.  And she wants to collect punitive damages and attorney's fees.
But that's not all. Nicci claims, via a rep, that the bigger picture is the 'white male production companies' impacting the image of black women on tv.

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