Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guest What? Casper Smart is Offered A Role in What Film??

According to

Casper Smart lost his job as Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend/dancer/babysitter -- but now he's getting a shot to make hundreds of thousands of bucks by starring in porn.
Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch sent a letter to Casper ... asking him to play the lead love interest in an XXX film featuring the transsexual with whom he was rumored to have an online fling.
Hirsch says Sofie Vissa is locked and loaded for a film called, "Sofie on the DownLo" ... and Hirsch wants Casper to get it on with Vissa in the company's first-ever transsexual sex tape.
We're told Casper is being offered around $200,000 -- with big back end potential and the possibility of a sequel, "Casper, the Friendly Host."
Casper has not acknowledged any sort of relationship with .

I know his ass won't take it and that little change they offering him he can make without even looking at Vivid crazy offer.

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