Thursday, July 3, 2014

Maybe?? New Girl In Talks To Be Aaliyah in Biopic.. See Who

Even though Zendaya decided to give her role up as Aaliyah for the singer’s biopic, someone better might have taken her spot.
Allegedly Erika Perry has snatched up the role and she looks just like babygirl! Allegedly an exclusive email went out that said: “Lifetime may have already found a replacement for their upcoming Aaliyah film in a relatively unknown new talent. Erika Perry, a 20-year-old Atlanta-native performed with her sisters as part of the group Amor Kismet at the BET Experience on Saturday. Although Zendaya’s departure wasn’t announced yet, Lifetime execs were already in the know and scoped out Perry’s performance. So impressed with her talent and likeness to Aaliyah, they immediately set up additional meetings for Perry that weekend in Los Angeles.

Things are expected to move even faster this week to keep production on schedule.” Well, I guess we’ll have to see if this is really true but visually she is a better look! Hopefully ya'll don't try to run this girl away from the film too because we need to see this biopic.

Check out some of her pics from Instagram...

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  1. i am a big aaliyah fan and she is a much betta choice. good to have a talented unknown so people can focus on Li's incredible story instead of the drama about who be portraying her