Friday, July 18, 2014

See Who Will Be Playing Aaliyah & Wendy Williams Will Exc Producer

So Lifetime has finally found there replacement — actress Alexandra Shipp.  

Although she isn’t a huge name yet, the 23-year old Phoenix native has appeared on a small number of Nick shows including House of Anubis, and is the star of VH1′s Drumline sequel coming this fall.   Day Time Talk show queen Wendy Williams has also stepped in as the executive producer of the biopic!

Alexandra is also biracial, and it seems as though she is already prepared for the “she’s not Black enough” backlash that Zendaya endured before dropping out of the film. She hopped on Twitter recently and posted a photo of her mom, while letting folks know that they are just going to have to deal.

Wendy has been a fan of both the movie idea and Zendaya playing the songbird from jump. However, when Zendaya dropped out, Wendy went in on Aaliyah fans for forcing Z to “chicken out” and cave into the “she’s not Black enough” pressures. 

Production resumes in a few weeks and should be on track for Lifetime to air next fall.

So now we know she can act and bi racial will you all give this girl a chance so we can see this Biopic?? 

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