Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beyoncé Gave Nicki Minaj A “Flawless” Diamond Necklace at VMAs!

Queen Beyoncé gifted Nicki Minaj with literally “flawless” necklace decked out in diamonds.
The Head Barb in Charge pretty much had to be resuscitated when she found out the Queen Bey herself requested she join her on a remix to “Flawless,” so imagine how she must have felt when she stepped off the stage during the Video Music Awards and found this waiting for her.
Here's what Nicki Wrote:
"If Beyonce didn’t walk into your dressing room and give you a diamond “FLAWLESS” necklace, then there’s no way you could be having a better week than me. Lol. Awwwww thank u QUEEN. ur just a precious gem. I could never thank you enough for your influence on powerful women all around the world. #WeFlawless"

I know everyone going to be trying to replicate this necklace for themselves...
Who mad??

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