Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bad Gal Rihanna Tells CBS F**k You For Pulling Her from 'Thursday Night Football'

You should all know Riri speaks her mines especially when she is pissed at something or someone. In this case she is pissed at CBS, and she told them really how she felt.

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It took a few days, but Rihanna is finally lashing out about CBS' decision to yank her musical opening from "Thursday Night Football" last week and air it this week instead and let's just say she's not happy.

With the Ray Rice scandal still fresh, and the Ravens set to play the Steelers, CBS opted not to run a taped musical segment featuring Rihanna seeing as she was the victim of a high-profile domestic violence incident.

But with the segment now set to air this week, Rihanna took to Twiiter to blast CBS, writing, "CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, F*** you! Y'all are sad for penalizing me for this." 

She followed that up by writing, "The audacity ..."

Lol ....I don't blame here ...how Rude Lol

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