Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mag Fab: "No Good Deed" Star Idris Elba Covers RollingOut Magazine

“The script is what the script is. I wanted to find out from people who create these situations, what’s missing in theirlives. You and I may have a conscious stop button, and we know what we’re doing is wrong … but this guy doesn’t have that
“I wanted to research that psychosis to understand the people who are in jail for similar scenarios. My research involved looking into the mentality of someone like Colin, a troubled and anxious man
on a mission. There are so many common denominators like their upbringing, neglected at child birth, abused as a child by their mum, dad or siblings, bullying, and they ended up having these similar personalities and didn’t have a conscience.

On being a dad:
“I love, love children. I love being a dad.  It’s one of the joys of life. In fact, you can take it all away from me tomorrow, but don’t take away my children.”

On raising a family:
“I just hope my children grow up saying my dad was my good friend and supporter … I was fair and just, helped them whenever they needed me to. And, that there was love. One thing I am very aware is that I love them and I love to embrace my children. My children know what it is to have a hug and a kiss, be cuddled and feel comfortable. My parents were not cuddlers or kissers, but I am,” he laughs.

On the next phase of his career-directing:
“I am shooting some videos for Jaguar. They have a new car [XE sport] coming out. My production company, Green Door Pictures, is developing social media content for them. That’s the direction I am going in: directing and producing. At GDP, we are developing three films, some TV shows and two documentaries.”

I saw "No Good Deed" and it was very good, if yall haven't yet seen it, You Should!

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