Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rapper 'The Game' Honor As Humanitarian Of Year!

Cali rapper, The Game was recently given the Humanitarian of The Year Award at the 2014 Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studio’s 25th annual Talk of The Town Black Tie Gala. The Game has reportedly donated over $1 million to a charitable organization called The Robin Hood Project. He was very much endeared by the award as he took to Instagram to express his gratitude for receiving the honor.

The Game stated, “It all started when I gave one kid from Africa $20. That created @therobinhoodproject & since then I’ve given away over a million dollars of my own money hand to hand & through charitable organizations…. I am honored & more than appreciative of #ABC for this ‘Humanitarian Of The Year’ award…I was just a poor kid from Compton…. Never thought in a million years I’d have even an extra dollar to giveaway let alone a million. #Humbled.” 

Congrats to him!

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