Friday, November 14, 2014

Tameka Raymond Speak Out The Alleged Sex Tape With Usher!

Ex-wife of Usher Raymond, Tameka Raymond, is officially clearing the air. After rumors surfaced that a thief, who robbed the Raymonds a few years ago, is holding their sex tape in his or her possession, rumors further spread that the video was being shopped around to bloggers. However, sources say Tameka Raymond has spoken up and explained, “It’s sad where the world has come today. I know I have never made a sex tape, especially not for distribution. You get married so you can do whatever it is you want. My ex-husband and I definitely made our children the old-fashioned way; they are not products of the immaculate conception. That was my husband. We had a lot of fun. He was my husband in a proper sense. No wifey fake sh*t. I think the world has gotten really desperate to be so invasive in people’s lives. There should be some limitations and hopefully laws barring people from doing this stuff." She further questioned the credibility of stories that say Usher’s attorney is hard at work trying to catch the culprit, stating, “I don’t know if they’re trying to extort money or what. Because because no one has ever approached me about it…People are so thirsty. They are thirst trappers; The thirst is so real. Sex is so important to everyone. Why do you want to watch a married couple?"

Tameka sure did have a whole lot to say about a non-existent sex tape, didn't she?

Do you believe there is a tape out there floating to be sold ?

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