Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RIP 'RHOA' Star Todd Tucker's Mom Sharon Wells Died!!!

Told Tucker’s mother Sharon Wells, suffered a stroke, and died today. Todd stars with wife Kandi Burruss Tucker on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Todd was in Atlanta when he received a call notifying him that his mother had fallen ill in New York, according to the insider. A friend of the reality star’s is reported to have discovered his mother Sharon before she was rushed to a hospital, where she died the following day.
Ms Wells was reportedly unconscious after suffering a stroke when Todd arrived in New York. She then slipped into a coma overnight before passing away on Tuesday, the same source claims. When Ms Wells was hospitalized Todd’s wife Kandi Burruss is reported to have been in Los Angeles while he was in Atlanta.
“Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!” – Todd Tucker

Awww I'm so shocked to read and report this news. Never saw this coming but RIP to her and my condolences with his family.

Kandi, His Wife statement:

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