Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tv News: Pooch Hall aka Derwin Davis of BETTheGame Will Return

So Pooch Hall who is better known to play Tia Mowry's Husband aka Melanie Davis on BET's The Game  announced multiple times on twitter recently that he is returning to the next season. Many speculated recently when Tia announced she wasn't returning so wasn't Pooch but he had to let us know he is and can prove it with pictures.

His ego is still huge I see, but congrats to him. I am not sure how they will develop his role seeing Melanie will not be there. All i heard was that Lauren London aka Lil Wayne's baby mother is joining the cast not sure yet in what capacity but i will keep you all informed. 

Check out some of his Tweets:
 If @iam_POOCHHALL is not going to be on Season 6 of The Game who will play his Character Thats my Favorite Show!! Sad @TiaMowry is leaving <--l'm not? 

How many times does  have to tell everybody......HE IS COMING BACK TO THE GAME #readingisfundamental <- Ha ha ha

Its official... who said Pooch wont be back on  I will send pics from the set to Prove it, in the fall. Love u guys...

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